War in Color

motorcycle and tank
Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK

The protagonist in ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH journeys into France in the aftermath of the invasion of Normandy and follows the American Infantry south. Pictured here is a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and an M10 tank destroyer in Percy, Normandy, in August of 1944. On August 1st, the 28th US Infantry Division took the town of Percy and closed a key staging point for German counterattack troops. The M10 could also be with the 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion, which was attached to the 28th.

The village would not have been along my protagonist’s route to Paris, but he would have witnessed similar scenes along the way.


ACME photograph by Bert Brandt, war pool correspondent
Colorized by Sanna Dullaway from Sweden



U.S. Army Pvt. Gordon Conrey from Milford, New Hampshire, stands in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) shortly after the liberation of Paris by Allied troops in 1944.

This is the hall where the treaty that ended WW1, and set in motion the process that led to WW2, was signed on the 28th June 1919.






Photo source – Gaston Paris / Roger-Viollet
Colorized by Richard James Molloy from the UK


The opening scene of my work in progress takes place in Paris on August 27th. This scene is from the morning of August 25th, 1944. Paris’s liberation was more a symbolic gesture than a strategic military endeavor. General Montgomery was in the north, Patton to the south. And they’d both soon be advancing east.

This photograph shows seventeen year old Michel Frys standing on an M-3A3 Stuart tank “Buttes Chaumont” (Nº V03) of the 501e Régiment de chars de combat, 2ème Division Blindée. Soon after the photo was taken, he was shot at by a German sniper and the ricochet injured his ankle. At 88 years old, Frys wrote a book about his experiences entitled ‘Souvenez-vous’ (Remember) which was published in 2014.



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